Sunday, November 29, 2009

Naming Names

Getting back to the idea of naming names, I belive that a truth commission should do so. It is their job to find the truth and get it out so the public knows what happened. The people deserve to know who did what and what happened to who. I do understand the major issues with naming names. There is the issues that these people ahve not been tried in a court and therefore, should not legally be charged with anything. Also, there is the issue of people taking matteres into their own hands and persue vigilate justice. These are important and should not be ignored. However, the fact still remains that truth commissions most often find the truth. In these cases, terrible crimes have been committed, and the public deserves to know about them. At the very least, naming names allows for the wrongdoers to feel shame, knowing that everyone knows what they did. This is imporant because there often are flaws in the court systems for various reasons, which does not allow the crimes to be justly resolved. Thus, for the truth commissions to name names, it allows for at least some form of punishment to be delt out. THis may not be considered justice in the strictist sense of the word by the courts and legal systems, but I think that sometimes social justice is necessary. Legal justice does not always account for everything not does it right all wrongs. In such cases, when there is an opportunity for someone to right a wrong, in some way, I think they have a right to do so. Therefore, I think that not only is it ok for truth commissions to name names, but they have a responcibility to do so.

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